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Information General Practice Meander

Welcome on this part of the website with some of the most important information about our GP Practice. At the office you will find an English version of the complete information leaflet. Our practice is closed to new patients. Please ask our assistants for information and registration forms (available in Dutch, English and Polish)

Phone numbers
Office phone number at daytime (8 am – 5 pm) 0252 – 740140
You can reach the doctor’s assistant trough this phone number during the morning and in the late afternoon. It is possible to be connected to the emergency number or the prescription refill number through this phone number.

In case of a life-threatening emergency: call 112
For non-urgent medical care please schedule a regular appointment during opening hours of our doctor’s office.

Emergencies 0252-740142
For very urgent care or emergencies during opening hours of the office, please call this number.

Prescription Refills 0252-740141
The prescription refills answering machine asks which medication you would like to order. Please allow 48 hours for all prescription refills.

Evenings, nights and weekends 0252-240212
Only for urgent care or emergencies during out-of-office hours you can reach the doctor on call at “Dokterspost” in Voorhout. Always call before visiting the Dokterspost (Rijnsburgerweg 4b 2215 RA Voorhout)

Consultation General Practitioner for registered patients
We see registered patients by appointment only. You can schedule an appointment from Monday to Friday during the day and on Thursday evening from 7 pm to 8.30 pm. The doctor’s assistant will estimate the duration of the consultation in accordance with you. The regular duration of a consultation is 10 minutes. Our office is affiliated with the Leiden University Medical Centre and we participate in the teaching of residents. Our residents are qualified and authorized to work independently during consultations and home visits.

Consultation General Practitioner for unregistered patients
In case of unexpected medical problems during your stay in Hillegom we offer medical care. We will ask you to pay for the consultation in cash, most international insurance companies provide a repayment.